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Silver Needle Runway

The Silver Needle Runway (SNR) is a completely student run fashion show, showcasing the senior design student collections. SNR fosters a positive and encouraging community that challenges its peers in a professional setting while uplifting the next generation of leaders in fashion and beyond. This year, SNR re-introduced its brand as one that extends beyond the traditional associations of the fashion industry, as it continues to establish itself as a ‘laboratory of innovation’ across all creative fields. Throughout all of our platforms, SNR aims to create a digital community that champions creativity and innovation, diversity, leadership, and social responsibility. 

This year I had the opportunity to be the Digital Communications Coordinator for the 35th Marist Silver Needle Runway. Some of my work included graphic design for the "More Than Fashion" Podcast, design page layouts for the "Through The Needle" Newsletter, create graphic Informational Posters, and social media content. 

Programs used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Audition, Canva and Mailchimp.

Illusion - Virtual Fashion Show

Illusion - In-PErson Fashion Show

Click here to view the in person SNR35 fashion show! 

Digital Communications Work

"Through The Needle" Newsletter

"Through The Needle" Header Newsletter Graphics


Scroll though each edit Through The Needle Newsletter edit! I had the responsibility to spearhead the newsletter text layout, graphics, and the overall design
of each edit. 

"More Than Fashion" Podcast Instagram Content

Listen to the podcast here, each episode features individuals making innovative and impressive differences in the fashion industry. Using Adobe Audition, I edited each podcast episode. 

Laptop & IPhone Backgrounds

Informational Posters

Untitled design (11) copy.png
Untitled design (11).png
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